I cannot even begin to describe how much fun we are having.  We have now met three times and each time I walk away speechless, amazed, and EXCITED! It is beyond obvious that there are writers in this room.

Jeanna at her weekly book review with 5th graders
Jeanna at her weekly book review with 5th graders

I wish everyone could be a fly on the wall to catch these amazing moments.  We have discussed plot, character development,  the balance between making the story realistic and fantasy, and so much more.

Yesterday, we had a very interesting discussion about suspense and what pushes a story forward.  I have learned so much in these meetings and I feel like they have too.  Most importantly and the most uplifting is that they LOVE this book.  My experience reading with students over the years has really helped in this endeavor.

Children love adventure and solving mysteries and it is really satisfying to see all of them so excited about reading a book!!!!  I cannot possibly be more grateful for this journey and to have students as a part of it.


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