online dating essay free The month of September was spectacular for me as I had some really special opportunities to visit schools.  Both NEMS and Hinkle Creek Elementary invited me to visit and work with students.  During both visits, I was able to share with students mistakes I made during my first drafts of Seas Apart and how after several revisions, reached the final published book.  It seemed like it was very eye-opening to them that revision isn’t isolated to a learning experience in Language Arts class.  We all have to try and try again in many aspects of life, writing included.

dating men over 50 “What motivates you?” and “What do you do when you are stuck in writing a story?”  These are the two questions that students ask me the most when I visit.  The first one is easy I tell them, “It’s you”.  Seeing the excitement on a child’s face when they read Seas Apart and tell me what they loved about it inspires me to keep going and makes me want to sit back down and keep creating.  The second is a little more challenging as it is a challenge in itself.  I have several students that I have the opportunity to chat with along the way and they are often able to talk with me and help me to move forward.  Other times, I have to walk away and come back to it after a few days.

Up next, I’m really excited and looking forward to participating in a reading group at Sand Creek Intermediate.  Can’t wait!!!

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